Webstart Problem (jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK Alpha-2)

I download jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK Alpha-2 and try to export basic project to webstart. I check everything like in: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php/jme3:jmonkeyplatform:application_deployment?s[]=webstart and type "clean and build".

Updating property file: C:UsersMarcin BoberekjMonkeyProjectsBasicGamebuildbuilt-clean.properties
Deleting directory C:UsersMarcin BoberekjMonkeyProjectsBasicGamebuild
Created dir: C:UsersMarcin BoberekjMonkeyProjectsBasicGamebuild
Updating property file: C:UsersMarcin BoberekjMonkeyProjectsBasicGamebuildbuilt-jar.properties
Created dir: C:UsersMarcin BoberekjMonkeyProjectsBasicGamebuildclasses
Created dir: C:UsersMarcin BoberekjMonkeyProjectsBasicGamebuildempty
Compiling 1 source file to C:UsersMarcin BoberekjMonkeyProjectsBasicGamebuildclasses
Created dir: C:UsersMarcin BoberekjMonkeyProjectsBasicGamedist
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 1 second)

Problem is that dist folder of project is empty and there is no webstart files in. Somebody knows what is wrong ?


No one can help me ? Maybe I am an idiot to post such a question, but it really bothers me. :frowning:

I cant recreate the problem, sorry. Did you try creating a new BasicGame and copying your code over?

Yes. As you see there is no jar files created. It is only when I try to create webstart, in other way jMP creates all jars in disc folder.


I have the same problem here… Ubuntu 10.04, 64bit (if that’s relevant)…

Is there a solution out there?

I am sorry, I have to repeat what I said, I can create webstart projects just fine… I need more info on this :confused:

what kind of info do you need? anything i can do to help…

what happens is exactly what aderal describes… the compilation process completes, but no files are placed inside dist folder… on the other hand, regular compilation and execution runs just fine…

i am runing alpha 2 version of jme3 platform on ubuntu 10.04, 64bit, with sun java 1.6…

otherwise i love jme3, but this is really bugging me…

cheers, ales

Comment instaler JME3 corectement avec les etapes .

excuse me, but could you translate that to english?

cheers, a

He wants to have step-by-step info on how to install jme apparently xD

i downloaded the jre3 platform for linux, ran the installer, followed the instructions, created the first application from template,… normal compile and execution runs fine, with all the jars created in the dist folder, the assets properly included in th assets.jar…

howeve webstart fails to create anything, just as adelar pointed out… the dist dir is created but nothing is placed in it…


This is the output of my build proces…

Build log

Any ideas? suggestions? please? anybody? :smiley:

Delete your nbproject/build-impl.xml file and reopen the project, that should regenerate the build files.



Works like a charm, thanks… BUT! now the lib subfolder isn’t created :frowning:

this way the webapp fails when it tries to load */lib/${assets.jar.name} …

thnx for help,


I have the same problem as ales. The lib folder is not created.

-.- Is that true only for webstart?

yez… only for webstart… otherwise the lib folder is created normally…

i tried copying the jar files created by normal compile to the dist folder of the webstart compile… it does not work… the asset.jar.name property does not seem to be set…

any thoughts on this one?

thnx, ales

PS: i placed the build log at: Build.log

I added a fix for this in the latest jMP, the BasicGameProject now has a new target in build.xml named “-init-macrodef-jnlp-copylibs”. Copy that from a new BasicGame to your build.xml after updating jMP.



jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK Alpha-2 opening is blocked in “opening sceneViewer”

I guess you dont have an OpenGL 2 compatible graphics card.