Webstart problems


I'm trying to run jMEphysic2's TestChooser from webstart and have signed all my jars and put them online. When I try to run it, it gives me this error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: jmetest/TestChooser

I have set the main-path in the jnlp-file to com.jmetest.physics.TestChooser, which is where the class-file is in the jme-physics.jar file.

Seems to be a pretty simple problem, but I can't figure it out and don't want to start writing programs on top of jmePhysics if it can't run of a webstart:)

Second problem:

When I try to run one of the jnlp's, both the selection box and the "start window" shows up, but the program doesn't react when I press OK to start the tests.

All files are here:





(Have only jarred/signed windows natives for now)

Sorry for nagging with all my(2 'till now) posts, hope anyone can help!


Found first error, jmephysics relied on the jmetest-jars:)


Fixed problem 2 also by tracing the webstart. I forgot the jme-awt.jar  :roll:

Can't wait to get started making programs! :slight_smile:

nice to hear that you figured it out :wink: