Webstarted VZ2 trouble

Hi all,

try this out and see if you get anything other than a gray screen:



Nope, it’s grey screen here. Not quite sure the cause. The JNLP file looks fine, so no issue there. The only thing I can suggest is to strip out everything but the raw terrain code, see if that works and then piece by piece add on additional elements. Apart from that, I really have no idea.

One thing to note in the log: “WARNING: Could not load: file:fighter.jpg” Are you using getClassloader().getResource(…)?

We were having trouble with the TestTerrainPage test when I added the perspective camera mode. I really don’t know what is causing this bug, but will look into it. (It only happens on test terrain page). So, perhaps you are running into the same issue.




to your initSimpleGame if you are using Simple Game, or just use that rather than using persective.

the warning is coming from the actual milkshape loader thing, but its fine over here when its ziped. I am using VZ2.class.getClassLoader().getResource(…);

Mojo, i am using setFrustrum, and im using VariableTimestepGame instead because it gives me greated control.

I dont call cam.update() tho, but I wouldn’t think that would matter during system initilisation.

Any more ideas?

okies, its working now…yay. Dont ask me what the problem was cause frankly, i haven’t got a clue! I just redid everything, remade the lwjgl-windows jars and openal-windows jars, jme.jar (new version instead) and everything now is ace!