Webstarts Help ".htaccess"

I’m partway through building a Website, and I’ve been checking the score using Pingdom. I’m trying to make it as responsive, useful and appealing as possible but it keeps saying I need to find the “.htaccess” file, this is the first site I’ve ever built so I’d appreciate any help what so ever. I have searched dozens of pages through Google, even got in contact with the Webstarts support team, who said they “have no idea what the .htaccess file is”.

Big thank you in advance, if anything I’ve written is unclear please just say and I’ll re-explain.

It’s a configuration file for apache, i don’t think you are allowed to change it in Webstarts assuming they are using apache…

So I’m probably best changing to a new host? If so, could you recommend one that has no restrictions like this?

Thank you.

Depending on your needs
http://en.altervista.org/< free


EDIT: i forgot to mention https://www.digitalocean.com/

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Big thank you @RiccardoBlb, I’ll have a look through the links you provided.

Hopefully I can go from a “Newb” to a moderately good Web Builder now.

Thank you.