WEEEEEEEE we should lock down the jME-help section of board


It would be a very big marketing thing for jME to populate that board with all our user post. This board should be development only. What does everyone think?

That’s great, but I think we should continue treating this board like we are. I’d prefer to direct people from the JGO to here. Basically, use JGO as a launching board to have people come to the official boards. I hate JGO (setup not the people), but can’t argue about the audience size.

I do not think that we should abandon this bored and use it only for Developers. This bored should be for help and suggestions, the other one could be for information about JME.

Edit and use the ohter bored as a launching bord.

If the javagaming board stays inactive, it may be taken away. If the board is just moderatly active, it won’t serve its marketing purpose. Plus it won’t reflect the true activity of jME itself. Taking LWJGL as an example, they use the javagaming boards for user responses and the puppygames boards for development. This has worked extreamly well for them. Yea their forums aren’t as flexable as these, but they work.

This also narrows down how many boards our user base has to check. The user base would only have to check that board, and get all their Java3d, LWJGL, jME, performance tuning, and everything else all at once place.

This makes it easier for the developers because they would post most their stuff to each other on this board, and this board would be smaller. This would make it easier for our user base because they would only have to check one forum.

It would serve a huge marketing gain to populate their boards. The user base would be much bigger.

The other way I can think of dividing the forms is having this form for advance discussion and the other form for basic discussion.

This should always remain the official jME site with the official jME forums. In fact, I’m not all that thrilled that there is a jME forum on the list, I would have much preferred Blahblahblahh’s suggestion of links to 3rd party forums.

It’s exciting that jME has a board on JGO, but I think any patterns as to where different types of users will post will emerge by themselves without us setting a policy.

Just the fact that it has exposure there will mean that we may be getting a number of newbie postings there and we’ll need to remember to check that board. But aside from pointing people to our FAQ and our boards, I don’t think we need to discourage JGO posting (not that anyone is saying that I think.)

Right, I’m not saying we shouldn’t make use of the board. Allow people to post there, answer their questions, but whenever possible, direct them here.

Cep21 there seams to be a typo on your faq on the other form. When it says " Where are the development forums?" I think it should say " Where are the official forums?"

I haven’t checked out JGO, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt…

I agree that jME’s official site should remain independent, and that whenever possible, people should be directed here. It really does give it more of an official feel, and hence legitmacy. jME really is great, and is almost always recognized as such by people who look into it. It would be a real shame to turn anybody off because it looks like ‘just another open source project’.

That being said, JGO is probably a starting point for many people. Maybe one way to utilize forums there would be to post about new features and/or releases. The posts could give a brief summary, and then direct people here.

This would show the high level of activity and development that jME has, as well as showcase its features. It would keep jME as an independent entity from JGO, but still get the traffic from from it.

Just my .02.


Just my 2 cents. I probably would not have heard about jME if it hadn’t been for the forums on the Java Gaming site. And I think jME is better than Xith. :slight_smile:

But I don’t like the Java Gaming forums. Please keep these forums the way they are.

FYI - I am getting ready to blog about jME onmy weblog and it gets aggregated on JavaBlogs so hopefully I can get you guys a little more exposure that way. :slight_smile: Worth a shot anyway.