Weird behaviour when exporting animations from blender to JME3 (ogrexml)

Hi all,

I have avery weird problem when exporting an animation from blender 2.49 to JME3 (using latest blender2ogre plugin).

The animation is very simple, bone based, with 2 key frames (initial is in pose 1, last is in pose 2).

It plays perfectly into blender, and the export succeeds smoothly without any error, and the model loads perfectly into jme.

Mesh is perfect when not animated. In JME however, the right leg animates perfectly, the left leg animates well excepts for the foot, while the arms are completely wrong. The bones seems to move around an imaginary wrong “pivot” point placed somewhere else other than where expected.

You can see the videos here:

The problem is less visible if I remove the parental relationship among the bones, but it doesn’t fix it, it’s just reduced.

Anyone had the same problem?

Thank you in advance!

In blender try to apply the transforms (ctrl + a / Visual transforms) for both the armature and the model then re-import.

It often fixes that kind of issue

Hi nehon,

and thank you for your prompt reply.

Yes, it seems to fix most of the issue. However, not completely: rotation seems better, but the animated shoulders in jmonkey are still not corresponding to the original blender animation (they seems translated vertically towards the top).

The result after applying tranforms here:

Any ideas?

Thank you.


I checked it better: I am afraid but applying visual tranformation doesn’t really help: I applied it to the armature and mesh at any keyframe of the animation, but the result is the same.

I used blender 2.49 and I did ctrl-A and I applied “Visual Transform to object Loc/Rot/Scale” and re-exported without success.

The only (partial) solution is given by unparenting the bones.

Any idea?

Hello Dude!

Try to import your model with the BlenderImporter.