Weird colors on some models

when adding specific models to my game, my weapon looks like this:

when these specific models are not in the game, the weapon is rendered correctly:

i updates jme to the most recent nightly build yesterday, but the bug didn’t go away ;(

how can i fix this? it seems to appear only on backfaces, never on front faces (all md2 models use frontface culling, and the bug appears on some backfaces of some milkshape models as well. when they are culled -> no problem.

That looks like a context bleeding problem… I bet you do update the render states of everything you add, and of the whole scene when you add something new, so I would just try recommending calling the updateRenderState a little bit more often (like every frame, even if it has a penalty on performance) to see if the problem goes away, and then you would know it might be a bug in the states.