Weird JME3 Crash

I at first thought that this was just Mythruna but now that I have experimented some more I have found that it is jme3 in general, excepting the jmonkeyplatform. The problem is: upon loading of materials, or sometimes even when the initial dialog box closes, either my entire OS stops and goes into an infinite loop, or the app simply crashes.

OS Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

GPU: Intel GM45 Mobile graphics chipset 4 (I know that this is not supposed to run OGL 2 but under linux it is actually a rather decent GPU and runs it easily)

2.5 gigs RAM

intel Pentium II processor ( meets speed requirements)

Please help me, I can’t live any longer without my JME :cry:


PS I just KNOW this is going to come up with a bazillion ridiculously complicated answers :smiley:

One of the things Mythruna does when it crashes (when it detects the crash) is dump an error log to the current working directory. Since your whole OS goes nuts, maybe it isn’t doing that in this case but it might be worth checking. Perhaps there are some bread crumbs to follow.

this is the only useful piece of info in that file, the rest is either binary or gibberish XD

[DATE] WARN [mythruna.ui.ObservableState] Warning: Some subclass broke the super.initialize(app) chain.

It has like 15 of that EXACT same line in the end of server.log, since the mythruna log yields no info whatsoever, except

“WARNING: Cannot locate native library: linux/” this can’t be a problem… it’s really wierd that java does this, since it’s a VM…

You are pulling the regular log and not the error log. It may not have produced an error log. They look like 125324763056356-error.log.

…but if it didn’t crash in a “java way” then we won’t see one of those either. Thanks for checking.

I think that the java DAEMON is what crashes, not the java process, since it affects my OS, and crashes before java can make that error log, which does not appear since the file system manager crashes way before java gets to that, and that is what causes it to go into an infinite loop, since the hard drive becomes un-writeable once crashes. Luckily all it does is that, because I can just force a reboot to fix that. this has to be the WEIRDEST thing that has ever happened in java to me :frowning: also i can’t seem to find any OS error reports, in any of the locations for them. Do you think that i may have a bad RAM card? I actually get random log-offs similar to this when I do something strenuous for a few hours, like Blender rendering.

Once you get to the hardware it could be anything, really. Flaky drivers, overheating chips… all kinds of things. One of my systems crashes pretty regularly when the motherboard gets above 110 degrees F. The GPU and CPU can run all kinds of hot without issue but if the case temperature goes to high I crash. (fortunately I do not use that machine anymore.:))

…so it could be anything.

Well I use one of the more reliable GPU drivers, and my laptop doesn’t seem to have problems in windoze, but then again the GPU won’t even work under windoze! I can do all sorts of crazy graphics stuff with linux, and NONE under windoze.

What do you mean the GPU won’t work under windows? Usually its windows that has the best drivers.

Do you have some sort of 3rd party driver we are not aware of?

lol windows has the most COMPATIBLE and non gltichy drivers, but the absolute WORST overall, my GPU has absolutely no 3d, and almost no 2d(even flash:P) capabilities under windows! and under linux I can run Compiz fusion with all the bells and whistles, WHILE blender is rendering and I’m watching a 1080p video on youtube, and vlc is playing an HD dvd!

GM45 is OpenGL 2.1 compatible

It is possible that the manufacturer of your laptop is not letting you update your drivers beyond what it has approved. You will need to somehow go around that limitation (if it is there).