Weird MouseLook Problem

Last year i worked with jME for some weeks.

Back then, I modified input to have a birdview control for the camera (like in 3D Strategie games). This also included a resticted mouse look, that could turn the camera only in 90

Sounds really strange. What about putting a break point instead of debugging by System.out.println?!

I think the stack will immediately show you who calls performAction and why…

You people and your precious "break points"…real programmers just need javac, vi, and the handy-dandy System.out.println() :-p

  • for the people that have a hard time understanding when I'm making a joke, the above is one such implementation *


Darkfrog, from now on, add "implements Joke" to the subject of your forum posts.

You people and your precious "break points"...real programmers just need javac, vi, and the handy-dandy System.out.println() :-p

Wow, you don't even need a java VM? That should be "elite" rather than "real" programmers imho... But how do you read those printlns, then?

Darkfrog reads that java bytecode, and then runs it in his brain. That also might be the cause why his new game refused to work in a "headless enviroment".


Hevee, VMs are for weenies.  :roll:

Llama, my brain bytecode parser is top secret, how did you find out about it?


Llama used a buffer overflow in the native implementation of your brain (jHumanBrain by filling the input streams of your listening devices (known as ears) with garbled data, therefore injecting hostile code which hooked the texture renderer for you skin and had it draw all that classified data onto your forehead.

…I thought I noticed something wierd about my forehead…  :-o

some one please change darkfrog's title to "implements Joke"


that's it drfugly, you're being demoted on my forum. :-p


awwwwww but that's my favorite forum!!


/runs from jme admin

thx for the numerous bumps that keep the thread up until someone replis to the topic :-PPPP

hehe, did you put a breakpoint and have a look at the stack?