Weird texture behaviour TerrainPage vs. Quad


I've got a scene set up with a big Quad and a TerrainPage. The Quad acts as an imposter for the terrainpage until you get to within a certain distance. Then the quad disappears and the terrainpage becomes visible ( is no longer culled ). I apply one TextureState to both of them, yet the texture on the TerrainPage is inverted in several directions. I've tried rotating the Quad to compensate for this, but then I end up looking at the bottom of the quad and therefore get a very dark texture.

What's going on here and how can I solve it?



can we get a screenshot?

The Quad

The Terrainpage

Probably it's in the texture coordinates then…

They're both standard jME objects, so maybe it's a bug? It's the exact same texturestate.

different meshes use the texture coords differently…

just change the texture coords. scale through the texture methods(setScale) or set the texture coordinates directly through the buffer, along these lines:

FloatBuffer texBuf = quad.getTextureBuffer( 0, 0 );


texBuf.put( 0 ).put( yDirection );

texBuf.put( 0).put( 0 );

texBuf.put( xDirection