Weird ”Warning” Bug in jME SDK RC2

Hey there. I’ve got a weird bug after executing my Test Project.

Running Options:

The little red warning sign in the lower right, click it :slight_smile: Its got the stack trace.

That’s the problem: I can’t click this, because the dialog window is on top :wink:

But I’ve found a log:

I hope this is the right log … :smiley:

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In the lower right of the application window, below the chat message in your screenshot. Close the popup with enter.

I CAN’T close the dialogs, thats the problem! :confused:

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@freecoder said:
I CAN'T close the dialogs, thats the problem! :/

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So the SDK freezes or what?

Looking at the stack trace it looks like a recursive opening of dialogs is happening (just a guess). The dialogs are modal I guess not much a user can do until the dialog is dismissed. Which is a bit hard to do I since they seem to crash. Couldn’t see any jme-classes in the stacktrace so a bit hard to tell why they show up.

Right! I can’t close the dialoges and I can’t click on any control on the main window.

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Is any solution there for this bug?

The bug appears, if I debug a game in Fullscreen mode, or if I start any other Application (In this case Black Mesa) in Fullscreen mode, while jME SDK is running - WTF?

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Did you try the troubleshooting sections hints? Especially disabling/setting down compiz might help as you’re on linux.

I’m on Windows :wink:

I can make a video about this bug …

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If its connected to other gl applications then its most probably your graphics drivers. If the error message changes each time the SDK will display each error the scene reports.

I’ve tested it on 2 machines: My Desktop PC and my Notebook.

My Desktop has a NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS (I know, its crap)

My Notebook has a NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M

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Os and driver versions would be more interesting, its the same driver.

Both have the same OS: Windows 7 Home Premium x64

NVIDIA System information: