Were I'm at (Sept. 16th)

Just an update on how things are going:

Almost finished with a static Distance class. Thing is getting huge, approaching 3000 lines. Not sure what I think about that. I hope to finish writing it by tonight or tomorrow and then begin testing.

This will provided distance between (points, lines, rays, line segments, rectangles). Right now that’s all I need. But if others are need (triangles, etc) I’ll add them in as we go.

It’s basically purely static (think java.lang.Math).

Good work, like to start using it as soon as you finished with it.

Wow, just realized what a bad speller I am… should be WHERE not WERE.

Ok, as you may have noticed on the front page, jme.math.Distance is finished. It is untested so far. I’ll be testing it the next couple of days and put a new jar when the tests are complete. After the tests, the scenegraph will begin. After scenegraph collision and picking. What you all have been waiting for. :slight_smile:

Testing is going well. No major issues yet. Got about 1/3rd tested.

Ok, Testing complete. jme.math.Distance is working and passed on my tests. Not extensive tests or anything but everything I need it for. I think it will work for all cases, but I wouldn’t use it to land a plane.

Last thing I am going to do is use the distance method calls in the bounding volumes. Which leads up to a point… the distance method in Bounding volume is going to be the center of the volume to another center. It will not take into account the size of the volume. This will leave a more robust calculation and allow the client to make any addition tests he wants. Plus, collision detection will not be making use of the distance methods anyway (there are a whole new set of algorithms for that).

Wow, that was poorly worded. I’m tired and fried.

As soon as I get the methods finished in the bounding volumes to make use of the distance class I’ll build the new jar.

Great news Mojo :slight_smile: , look forward to the new jar.


Ok, new jar is built and uploaded. Announcement is not on main page as the service I use to update it seems to be down. Maybe Isabel took it out? Anyways, have a go.