What 3d format do i use?

I want to manage to think:

  • A "static" map (like au little town, an interior of a tavern, etc…)
  • Model with animated bones

    What are the format more appreciated for that ?

    Tank's !

    (Sorry for my very very poor english)

static stuff can be done with almost every format, no real difficulties here, just use one that all programms you use to model/texture support. For the animated ones I can't really help you, since I'm not that far with ym own game currently^^

Just a tip though, it may be a good idea to ache your models in .jme format since that loads several factors faster than the others (but may fail to work when ther are changes in the depth of the engine)

for static stuff use lightwave .obj (every program can handle it and so can jme)

for bone animation use MD5 with one of the available third-party md5 readers (search the forum and wiki for those)

Thanks for answer…

Last question. I come from Ogre3d (Mogre exactly). In jme can i manage several material (GLSL) in one model ?

For an example, if i do a house, i want Brick with normalMap (parrallax) on my walls and a other shader with transparency for the vegetation.

Can i do that with an Obj or i must convert all in jme format ?

I'd chip in the Ogre3D Mesh.XML Importer as well for the 'model with animated bones' question, its got some great features and its definitely worth considering along side MD5.