What animation formats does JME support?


I cannot seem to find a list of all asset formats that JME can import, or specifically, all animation formats.

I am attempting to get a modeller to animate a flying bird, and these are the exports he can use:

And I can’t work out which of these JME supports, or what I could use for an animation format.


As far as I know, for animation you only have blender or Ogre.

I know some people are working on the FBX import, but I can’t say how far they are on that path.

You usually can export something in fbx, import it in blender, and tada! But also most 3D dev tools have their own little ogre exporter.

For the complete list of 3D formats JMonkey can use its somewhere, but for some reason I can’t find it either xD

Edit : you will need to dowload and add as an add-on the ogre export. What editor are you using right now?

Some time ago some efforts were made for a BVH importer, you could search the forum for that, i don’t know if it is ready to be used for production, though.
Oh nvm, i thought you were asking for an animation-only importer.
The current alpha release has an fbx importer.

@Eirenliel is working on FBX importing with animation support for jme but not know if it is ready or not.
But the other way might be to export it FBX or DAE_FBX then import it to blender and bake animation
from Object → Animation → Backe Action

then import .blend to jme .