What benefit to game developers?

Hi, what benefit does the developers of Bang Howdy get? I haven’t played the game, but it appears free to play. I saw its and Poisonville’s videos; it looks very impressive. I’m very curious about it: it appears like a lot of work went into games like those, but I can’t identify the compensation they receive.

Hmmm, I’m pretty sure Bang! Howdy charged for the full version of the game when it first released. I’m not quite sure though.

As for Poisonville, they’re still in beta so they might still be tuning their business model, but I’m guessing they’re gonna try for micro-payments. They’ve also made a deal with Playboy, which I’m sure involves some kind of revenue stream.

Very good question though! You could always try contact the developers and ask them directly. I’d be very eager to hear what they have to tell you.