What CC license is "JME3-testdata.jar"?

I know you are just trying to pick a fight… apparently you have nothing better to do on a Saturday, but ok.

There are various reasons that what you said isn’t true. For one, quoting me is a form of fair use. For another, there is an implication when one posts on a forum that they’ve licensed their content for use by the forum. It’s generally in those terms of use folks click right through when joining… but even if not, it’s the same as if I get up in a town hall meeting and speak on some topic. It’s understood that someone is probably writing all of that stuff down.

What you AREN’T allowed to do is cut and paste it and say you wrote it.

You are also on questionable grounds if you were to collect all of my forum posts and publish them as a book… especially if you claimed you were the author.

Regarding bintray, there are a few isolated places like the one you quoted where they seem to forbid distributing things like assets by themselves. We’ve been trying to find a place where they state outright one way or the other. It definitely leaves game distribution on interesting footing.

But do note, despite what that page says, CC0-1.0 is one of the options they support in their package-creation drop down. Perhaps they’ve relented somewhat.

Edit: …posting an image of that section of the drop-down:

They also have the artistic license in there which I usually associate with content and not software… though I haven’t looked at it to see if it’s leaning that way.


Not really, I’m trying to understand how to do things right. You say (and Bintray has this as a rule) that non-licensed content (and my 1st question was more about what IS content and what is not) is illegal by definition. Therefore I cannot just leave everything I publish anywhere (even if it is my private repo, but not on my private server) just “as is”, and I have very poor copyright practice in my country (we don’t even have CC adaptation to local laws yet afaik), so those are unknown things to me, that’s why I’m asking these questions… so far, as it seems that CC0-1.0 is OK with Bintray, that note just made me a bit curious of what’s really allowed and what’s not. Thanks for your response!

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