What do i do with the .material file from orgeXML expoerter

Hi guys. I made a simple textured cube in blender, so it worked, and i now have a Cube.mesh.xml file in my models folder, and a Cube.material in the same folder. How Do i load this so it appears on my model? Right now my model just shows up an almost white color with my lights (Just copied from the hovertank sample) But when i take the .material file out, it is red, so it must be loading the texture, but I cant see the actual texture. Am i missing something?


I don’t use the material file at all and apply the textures in the engine following the HelloMaterials tutorial. Make sure you vertically mirror the textures.

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Thanks! I was so stumped to how the HoverTank’s material work so a new alternative will be great. I will check it out!

Where is the texture file? Generated textures wont work. Check the help of the ogrexml exporter and what settings of blender are game compatible and supported.

What I normally do for an advanced .j3o conversion, meaning when using UV maps / normal mapping in blender with the purpose or using the object with .j3m materials is this:

Export the mesh.meshName and disregard the generated material file.

Then once in jMP when converting the object to .j3o, i’ll place this material file in the dir:



material Material


receive_shadows on





ambient 0.500000 0.500000 0.500000 1.000000

diffuse 0.640000 0.640000 0.640000 1.000000

specular 0.500000 0.500000 0.500000 1.000000 12.500000

emissive 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000





Then ill build the material with the jMP Material.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: