What do you listen to while coding?

Currently I listen to The Glitch Mob, LTR and XXYYXX, nothing too distracting

Games OST.

Portal, Portal 2, Black Mesa, World of Goo, Alan Wake, Risen, Risen2, Saints Row III, Virus Named Tom, Bastion, FTL, Brutal Legend, Trine 2, Fez, FTL, etc etc.

I start by playing BM, WoG and Portal 1/2 then turn on random. Soon after my day is done.

http://banana1015.com/listen-live/ alternative, progressive, whatever rock…

Ludovico Einaudi. Hes really good, and very peaceful to listen to. Look it up on grooveshark or youtube.

Nightcore, Nightstep, Trance, Melodic Dubstep (blackmill).

Shaka Ponk

Jarre (some early stuff is awesome, later stuff not so much). Schiller (almost everything is awesome). Pink Floyd.
Sometimes Within Temptation or Mike Oldfield - personal and music mood must match for these, however.
I find this a bit too limited and repetitive after a while; I guess I’ll try some of the alternatives mentioned here :slight_smile:

In general, I find the music needs to tread a rather fine line between “too boring” and “too distracting”.

I can’t listen to anything with lyrics. Words will distract the shit out of me.

My brain is too ‘shiny’ obsessed. It’s very hard to keep on track. There are days it’s better with no music at all. :wink:

Soma fm

i like Stone-rock.

And the last one @normen suggested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP0Wub03AgM&feature=share

@madjack said: I can't listen to anything with lyrics. Words will distract the shit out of me.

My brain is too ‘shiny’ obsessed. It’s very hard to keep on track. There are days it’s better with no music at all. :wink:

I’m in this boat as well. I can’t listen to lyrics while coding unless it’s total “pop” BS that I wouldn’t normally listen to… which I did for a while until I knew the songs and now can’t do it anymore. :slight_smile:

There’s a genre (or probably sub-genre) of music that I’ve recently been running through my play lists. It’s like soundtrack-style orchestral scores that were never part of a sound track.


“Future World Music”, “Jo Blankenburg”, to name a few… mixed in with some actual movie sound tracks.

Interesting - I’m not having issues with lyrics once I understood them.
Stuff that I already know just triggers a semiconscious “okay I know this already” response in me.

Radio with a moderator - distracting as hell.
Worse if I can almost understand the words.

http keygenjukebox com
oldscool and no lyrics, so perfect,

stupid forum won’t let me post no link


For all gamers:
is making amazing songs about games and movies.

… the sound of my keyboard …

@thetoucher said: ... the sound of my keyboard ...

…and my own incessant tapping while things are compiling… :wink:

musics from “utopia - creation of a nation” … i really love this kind of music !

Btw … i really think that have something to play .spc music would be awesome, as nothing is as good as these old songs (and as lightweight as them).

I also love violin (you can try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ8ULNQWnUE&feature=related )

And also, sometimes, conferences about all and everything.

It’s really sad when you appreciate music like i do and you realize that you can’t play even the smallest and simplest song. And, while that, every musician you know envy you for your capability to “talk” to these stupid computers :stuck_out_tongue:

Black metal, but lately some OST’s(Like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag’s Ship Shanties and OST) or nothing at all since i really got bored of everything.
Aw and this,


@kwando loves it XD

But right now i’m liking @nehon 's, never heard of thise guys or their site, but im loving it lol!

Is it wrong to admit that some of my own music is in the playlist too? :roll: