What do you think of Daz3D?

So what do you think of Daz3D program? Is it really totally free or what? I mean it sounds like an

awesome Application , I am downloading it right now , I hope it’s free as they said

Its free but they give you strong incentives to invest in the models offered in their shop.

Hey @eth,

Daz3D is free… And it has a lot of cool things to look at… and you can pose stuff…

You can’t use it for games… You can’t use it for machinima…

Think of it like… Y’know how there are Japanese Otaku Anime fans that collect Dolls and Action Figures of their favorite Animes? I think it might be like that… for computer.

I say go with Blender for making 3d models and gimp for making the 2d textures

You can use the rendered images… which is the point of Daz3D

Hmm I am having some hard time using Blender :smile:

but are you sure that I can’t use Daz3D for games? because their adv said:

“Create stunning 3D characters for games for free!”

also they have .obj exporter so I don’t know, can’t I do the character in Daz3d then export it to blender? so I can animate that character?

In fact they allow you to use stuff bought in their shop in other engines as well.

However I basically gave up on getting some stuff into blender from their store. via obj it kinda works, but the materials are then often screwed and a few spatials have offset problems. In the end I gave up on their store then.

Hmm good point thanks for telling me, I think I will try to make my model using make Human and blender :dizzy:

Yeah MakeHuman and blender is probably the way to go. I didn’t know anything about blender in the first place when I started and just used models from blendswap but you get used to it quite quickly. Just watch some tutorial, model something yourself, start with UV texturing and you get the basics. But just like programming, you gotta practice a lot to master it :smiley:

Thank you for the tip Mathiasj :slight_smile: you have a nice game btw :slight_smile:

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I tried makeHuman recently and that’s pretty impressive. IMO it’s very good for a quick character place holder or even NPC for a final game.

I usually make my own characters with blender but that’s a Whoooooole new adventure in the “make a game” process.

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That’s the problem in making games , I may try to find a partner to help me in modelling or something like that I am already viewing some tutorials on blender and make human


I know that I’ve already got a couple of videos on blender usage in my documentation stockpile somewhere on my channel… but there are much better video series out there. I can hunt down links for the video tutorial series that I found… I remember that I made a point of writing them down somewhere.

I’ll be putting up threads for blender usage up here at the forum when I get to it for my game Iteag. So yeah, fun stuff :smile:

Yeah MakeHuman is pretty cool but you of course can only achieve realistic humans. If you wanted a kind of comic-like looking human you would have to modify it yourself. Not talking about fantasy creatures and all that stuff :slight_smile:
But my level in blender is faaar to bad to create own characters (without the help of MH)… In fact I didn’t use the scuplt mode once :wink:

Guys btw, how to get Free textures? example: orange jail uniform I couldn’t find it anywhere :wink:

Hey @eth,

I would say try drawing your own! :smiley:

I use Gimp to draw my stuff… it doesn’t have to look great… cause you naturally get better over time… but yeah… there’s not much free stuff from people who are really good at it.

and you can make some quick n easy stuff to play with!

Well, there are places like:

…but maybe they don’t have something really specific like an “orange prison jumpsuit”.

Nice drawings :dizzy_face: you are lucky

@pspeed ty I already found the Image I was looking for :slight_smile:

Ahem… I believe that usage of 3d models and texture is not allowed.
You can only use the rendered 2d images.

That sucks e.e anyways I don’t need them :smiley: I am getting better in makeHuman


  1. the confusion around use of Renderosity items in video games. Currently, our explanation of our license around game use is and always has been that we allow the use of our products in games IF the models were protected and cannot be extracted by the end user.

Aka a j3o cannot be read by any end user software, save them xor crypted and you are totally fine for sure.