What do you think of the new Zelda A breath of wild?

I might be a little behind but I seen the E3 trailer for the game player of the new Zelda. While I love the old classic scheme I thought they did an amazing job of modernizing while maintaining that classical Zelda look and feel.

I was curious what you monkeys thought about it. Personally I’m already hooked and I will probably buy a console just for the game.

P.S. did I mention I heart Zelda :smile:

Yup, looks awesome. Personally I’m more excited about Pokemon Sun & Moon, but since I plan to buy a NX anyway Breath of the Wild looks like an amazing first game.

It looks good, yep. I’m not completely fond of the cartoon lighting on characters though…

Looks great. I understand why they went cartoon style to get around the limitation of the Wii U while at the same time offering an amazing living world.

I am getting the NX with this game at launch, though.

I’m not sure I saw enough of the trailer.

Short of winning the lottery I can’t afford a console anyway.

I haven’t played a Zelda game since Majora’s Mask and the game trailer seemed to lack things I like.

I don’t mind the new monsters but it looks post apocalyptic. Where are the Goron or the Zora?

It says it’s Hyrule and I hope it’s not just you alone with no npc-filled towns.

Only a demo of a portion of the game was shown. Towns and NPCs are in other areas. the E3 demo was more to show off the open world-do anything that has not been present since the NES days

I liked the tree log physics, they’re gonna make lots of people fall down into nasty pits :stuck_out_tongue:

IMHO, this Zelda looks fantastic. But I still feel weird, because it now looks more like Skyrim and Uncharted.

And part of me feels really sad because I have no way to play this game xD

I don’t agree. They managed to make it nice, and give some “real” feel to it, without the “reality is dirty” look of every realistic looking game that you have now.
“Want to make it look real? add some dirt and rust”

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When I say it’s weird for me, it’s in a way that is completely different from the other Zelda games. I know this one is not linear and gives you complete freedom. But the thing that makes me feel more weird is that you’re alone. I know they removed towns and people from the demo to not spoil anything, but from what I have seen, you don’t have a companion. Link had Navi, Tatl, Fi, Midna and many others before. But this time, you are alone. I know you can summon partners using amiibo, but those are only temporary.

Sure, Navi is annoying, but still, it makes me feel comfortable, knowing that I have a companion that warns me and follow me everywhere. This time, I only have a “voice” and a Sheikah Slate to accompany me in my journey. It gives me more freedom, I know, but it also makes me feel more unsafe.

Obligatory parody video:

…aw man, it’s not the full video. :-/

Edit: S1E10 of Cyanide and Happiness if you find it. I won’t post any of the illegal links here but they are out there.

Looks cool.

Sees PS4 exclusive


Because of you guys I actually went and watched the video. I actually really like the art style. Like a high-quality cartoon/anime in motion. Pretty neat and hard to pull off properly.

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I like the cartoon shading. Windwaker and Tales of Symphonia where my two favorite games to implement this style.

omfg this is amazing