What hapened to Extrusion?

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just wanted to draw some pipes, or even a whole network of pipes using extrusion on a curve and then noticed there isn’t something like that. But I read again and again that it was available in jME2. Am I just blind or is that feature gone? Right now I workaround it by constructing the network with cylinders and spheres, but it would be awesome if extrusion was available again.

Thanks for clearing the matter up.


Are you doing some sort of 3D modeling from within JME? If so, then just use Blender as that is what is designed for – in which case this may be useful.

I think it’s procedurally generated pipes. jME is perfect for procedural worlds. :chimpanzee_smile:

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blender is not the best choice for me, since networks must be created automatically in realtime. But I found a workaround. I create pipes from Spheres and Cylinders right now procedurally.


PS: still interested if this Extrusion function from JME is still there somewhere?

No. JME3 does not try to be a modeling package. JME2 included everything and the kitchen sink, etc. and was hard to maintain. I guess if more people had needed this then there would have been a plugin written… but since there isn’t then I guess it was probably ok that we removed it.

Would be cool to have jME run in tandem with Blender.
What I would like even more would be a tandem with MakeHuman.

Since Blender has had its own game engine for several years now - jME might become obsolete one day (at least for people who don’t mind using Python). There was already in 2012 a person who asked me “why not use Blender directly - it has its own game engine now”. Their game engine has many advanced features, I’ve seen some cool things like walking robots that have a sensor below each foot to scan for terrain and stairs.

Blender Game Engine requires applications that are developed with it to be released under the GPL. See here:

Not everyone wants to release the source code of their application, and so those people will not be using Blender Game Engine.

True. And since it’s viral, we cannot expect that to change to LGPL or something similar. Phew… :chimpanzee_closedlaugh: Thanks for pointing that out. :chimpanzee_smile:

That’s off topic :wink:

Anyways, thanks for clearing the stuff up. Thats all I wanted to know.