What happend with the book JmonekyEngine 3.0 Beginner's Guide?

Hi, that is the question, in amazon is out-of-print and it was announced to november 12, I what to know if there are some way to buy this in digital format, for eReaders or PDF.



Packt publishing are saying December for the release. Taking them long enough really considering that (if I heard right) it was mostly ready at the start of this year!

Ah, Ok, that means the book is not ready yet.

Yes. I imagine there will be an announcement here when it is published.

You are probably better off buying it direct from packt than through amazon too, I imagine you will get a better deal (although nothing is ever guaranteed!).

It’s been sitting in their hands for a while now. But I hear it should be released soonish.

I hope its not released this year ( and I don’t think it will be). A release year of 2013 would look better, purely for a marketing reason (not a reason to delay it, but looks better none-the-less :))