What happened to TerrainBlock and TerrainPage? How to do terrain in JME3?

Here’s the Scoop

I installed JME3 today thinking it would be all fun and dandy, and it certainly is not. One of the many problems I ran into is TerrainBlock and TerrainPage are GONE, ZIP, NADA, OUTA HERE. So, what I did is searched all over the Jme3 wiki and forums for anything pertaining to jme3’s geomap system or terriainblock/terrainpage deal. I got nothing but a bunch of useless mumbo jumbo hoopla damdoo. So, I’m going to the pros…

What I have done Already to help myself:

  • Tried to play around with Geomap & AbstractGeomap

  • Read this tutorial on how to ask questions: http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

  • Searched the forums.

  • Searched on google.com, yahoo.com, & bing.com

  • Prayed to God for help

  • The Question(s)
  • How do I create & work with terrain in jme3?

  • Are there any example implementations of jme3 terrain that I can use as reference?

  • If there are any example implementations of jme3 terrain, may I please have them or see them please?

  • You're Awesome

    Thank you all who have helped this community in the past and will help me in the future; You certainly are appreciated a whole lot. Thanks guys. :)

    Don’t forget the “Alpha” thing in JME3 alpha 2 :smiley:

    But hold your breath because a top notch terrain system is coming soon.

    Sploreg released a pre alpha to us developers and i can say it’s gonna kick ass

    Here is the post describing it


    Yeah, I’m in the same boat, hunter. There’s this thread which you’ve probably also found:


    Where momoko says to use an Ogre3D dotscene. I’m just wondering if this is really as good performance-wise as using a heightmap, and if so how are we supposed to do paging for something such as an mmo.

    I figure I’m just going to hang tight until the terrain editor comes out and then go from there.

    I’m also looking forward to Sploreg’s project. Sounds promising.

    Sploreg’s project IS the official JME3 terrain system, it’s based on heightmaps, support multi texturing, and has a powerful LoD system.

    Oh, well there you go, heh. That sounds perfect, I can’t wait!

    Well you see, my project is a networking library that lets you load the terrain, scenery, and npcs as you play the game so you do not have to force your users to walk through “portals” and then load pieces of the game.

    What I wanted to know was if there is ANY implementation of a basic heightmap in jme3, and now from reading your replies I realize that as of September 13, 2010, there is not. This is a big letdown, as jme2 had the TerrainPage and TerrainBlock. And, I really don’t want to use an high level GUI terrain modeler; I would rather just have a terrainPage or TerrainBlock object that takes a heightmap.

    I suppose I’ll just create my own TerrainBlock or Tile class.

    Once again, thank you all for your charitable replies; You have my thanks.

    Um, he said the new system will be based on heightmaps. And if it’s anything like every other feature of JMP, you’ll get access to the code without using the GUI.