What happens to mouseInput after I've used a chaseCam?

I have a game using a nifty GUI for a main screen and the mouse input works and I can click

my buttons. When I start my game I switch to a new appState and use a chaseCam wich takes some

mouse input. When I reach the end of a level I create a new menu state but now I get no reaction to the mouse.

I’m guessing the mouseInput has been reconfigured in some way but I cant find a method to restore it, I’ve tried

inputManager.reset() and mouseInput.initialize() but nothing seems to work. Any idea of what I’m doing wrong?

You mean the mouse does not even move? or the UI does not react your clicks?

Do you have the same issue if you don’t use the chase cam?


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The mouse was visible and moving but the gui didn’t respond to clicks or hovering.

My fault was that I used mouseInput.setCursorVisible() not inputManager.

It’s working now, thanks!