What if I want to reorganize jme into separate pieces?

What if I want to reorganize JME into more separated piece?

I saw that there is some LWJGL inside the main jme.jar and I wish it can be moved to a different jar since (in theory) JME should not be dependent on the LWJGL renderer.

Who should I sleep with to be allowed to do those changes in the CVS tree?  }:-@ (I am kidding)

Actually, I think you can just import the packages you want, and remove the others. Apart from the 3D math, the rendering part doesn't need the input or sound part or any of the other stuff. However, if you want to use, say, the transformation hierarchy, without using the render state inheritance, you're in for a tougher fight.

I see. Thank you.

I was watching the source code in my netbeans, and I originally didn't realized that jme was distributed as a set of multiple packets.

Then I edited my post to only speak about the separation of the scene graph and the specific LWJGL renderer, but as you said it is easy to just make the jars I need myself.