What is causing messed up animations between blender and Jmonkey?

Hi I have been looking for quite a while now on what is causing this problem and have come up completely empty. I have a model that i have downloaded and rigged in blender and created some animations. The animations look fine in blender (they still need a lot of work) but when i transfer them to jmonkey engine 3 they get all messed up and move in wrong directions. I have fixed the weight paint so that there arent any vertices with more than 4 weights and i can export using the Ogre3D Exporter perfectly fine. I have uploaded a video here if someone could please figure out this problem for me i would be greatly appreciated. Just to give a little description of the video. The first set of animations are in blender and the second set is after i have exported the model using Ogre3D and imported it into Jmonkey Engine.

Thank You

You must have a root bone placed at (0,0,0) and you should apply all transformations to the armature.
If you haven’t already, read this tutorial.

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Thank You. I was able to figure it out. I had later after adding the post (i added about a week ago on stackoverflow) added a root bone at 0,0,0 and it was still happening. The issue was my model was rotated 180 on the z axis and my armature was not. I must have done the rotation after parenting which caused the problem.

Okay so i thought i had figured it out but now the animations are even more messed up. Do the rotations and such need to happen around the rootbone at 0,0,0 or can they happen around the point of the object?

The animations are basically doing a transformation in addition to every rotation i do

This is an example image of what happens when i rotate the arm. I tried rotating around 0,0,0 and around the arm pivot point itself and the same transformation/rotation happens.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Nevermind I made a rookie mistake. I never actually applied the rotation, scale, and location. After applying these to the mesh and armature everything works great. For others that may venture across this and not understand how to apply the location,rotation and scale i will give a brief explanation. In Object mode in blender press CTRL+A and then select location. Then press CTRL+A again and select rotation and scale. Theres probably a way to do all but I don’t know what it is. Hope this helps someone cause i was stuck for about a week. Thanks to everyone.


I think you can select your object, press space and then search for ‘apply’. Click on it and now in the bottom left corner you can apply all of it using 3 checkboxes.