What is Eclipse?

Hi, i keep on reading about eclipse and I am wonder, what exactly is it?

I'm a little confused about it.


Eclipse is a development environment to write Java code (as well as support for other languages now).  It manages your code building, running, debugging, etc.




i've been using JGrasp for that…

ok, sorry for the double post but now i have downloaded eclipse and like it so far i am just wondering about its warnings for a default serial Id, im not really interested in serailzation, is there a way to let eclipse not worry about it?

That is being shown because you have 1.5 compatability turned on.  If you revert to 1.4 it will go away, but if you want to write compliant 1.5 code then stick a serialization id in your classes. :-p


… or go to the properties of your project, and then to "Java Compiler". Here you set the code compliance level, but also the individual errors/warnings. (to do this for the whole workspace, use window -> preferences -> java instead)

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Also what i loose by having not implementing a serialization id?

1.5 compliance. :-p

You probably won't notice any trouble, but it's always best to follow spec. :-p