What is getID() in appstates in jme3.3.0?

what is getId() method in appstate that I must implement it?
what value have to return?

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This question was just asked on discord and I said:

Whatever you want. But you should really be extending a base class for your app states. Either AbstractAppState or BaseAppState (the latter is preferred in general because it does more helpful things).

It’s for looking up your app state by ID if you want to later.

It’s also described in the javadoc:

(Note: the forum is still pointing to really old javadoc in its javadoc link.)



It points to a page where you choose the version. What address would you like me to point it to?

Its good as is.

This link:

Points to 3.x

Is that the old theme?

Mmm… could be. I never switched to anything new. So maybe it’s just me then.

Just checked. That is *Definitely" the old theme. Apparently, it has some sort of hard-coded header that points to the 3.x javadoc.

Since the new theme has become the standard, I guess paul kept the old theme.
Probably because he once said that he likes having links more than collapsible menus

I’ve fixed the “old” theme link. You might have to CTRL+R or F5 or something for it to take effect.


Works. Thanks for supporting my curmudgeonly demeanor. :slight_smile:


Stupid follow up question - what is an example of use cases for this? i’ve just updated to 3.3.0 and just di a a “return ‘classname’” sort of thing - but i dont know how it could be used

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Thanks you :slight_smile: