What is the best way to create popup text element?


Given the fact that nifty does not have any popup element, I have planed to write one. I want to use a controller to create an animation by increasing the size and transparency to create a popup effect. However I can foresee the problems that may arise when the object is lying at the edge of the screen, we may need to create popup in a different directions. Is there a better way to create a popup element. Please give ideas…

a popup element can have many properties, what kind of things are you looking to do? not allow input on other screen interface items? allow it to drag around? do you just want something to display a message and nothing else matters?

I just want to display a small baloon type info which will fade in from some coordinate that I provide as input and then move to side of the screen to a fixed predefined area.

Nifty GUI supports popup menus. Perhaps you could adapt them to do what you want: