What is the difference between the daily build and the svn reporsitory?

Good day everyone,

I have some problem:

there a two ways of downloading the latest code

  1. the daily/nightly build archive: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/nightly/

    2 the svn reporsitory: http://jmonkeyengine.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

    now my question is, what’s the difference??

    Because in the svn-repository there is the “standard”-package named “com.jme” and in the nightly build this package is named “com.jme3”??

    And there are also some classes which exist in only one of this sources or have different methods in both sources, like:

    -com.jme.scene.CameraNode has a method called updateWorldData(float), but com.jme3.scene.CameraNode doesn’t have this method

    -com.jme.renderer.Camera is an interface, but com.jme3.renderer.Camera is a class

    Is there any heavy difference between this two sources?

    Thank yo for your help


the trunk is JME2, for the JME3 source look here http://jmonkeyengine.googlecode.com/svn/branches/jme3/


thank you very much

than it’s obvious that there is a difference!!:smiley:

i think it is time for, cut out the whole jME2, in a very separate layer.

Sometime this cause, so much confusion.

Like reading an wiki page for several hours, but later figuring out, all of these theory is for jME2.

even searching in the forum, say, u have stumbled on 1 year old thread, now, are u gonna take ur time to figure our whether it contains jME2 info or jME3 info or u r gonna look for something more that is more recent. :frowning:

Even if u look at the jME2 forum activity…last post 2 hour ago…before then 1 week, 1 week, sometimes months.

my opinion too

I’ve tried some code for jme2 in jme3 but it doesn’t work and I doesn’t realized, that it was written in jme2.

There should be at least some hints, which version of jme is used at the beginning of an thread

All wiki entrys for jme3 are prefixed with jme3:

For the threads with code you want to copy&paste, look at the imports. if its com.jme its jme1/2 if its com.jme3 its jme3.

The math package is almost the same for all versions, so the math info of jME2 should still be accurate.

thank you for the information

I will check it in future