What is "Zay-Es"?

what is Zay-Es? what is its usage in game development ? and have I learn it?where is the docs or home page?

Zay-ES is a library that allows you to architect your game around an entity system (also known as Entity Component System).

There are various places you can read about this topic and as it relates to Zay-ES.

Someone was nice enough to put some documentation together here:

There is also the somewhat briefer project documentation:

I always hope to expand that.

And if any monkeys were ever wondering where the name comes from…


There is a wiki on zay-es github

I wrote once a case study there but most of the links are broken for some reason, seems some one moved the pages or so no clue.

I have a couple of articles on http://fprintf.logdown.com/ about it. There the case study can also be found.

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I haven’t looked to see if this affects yours but at some point files with spaces in them broke or something. A github wiki issue.

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Ok. Then I have to find out how I can find them again. I’ll have a look this week hopefully.

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Just to elaborate a bit, some of those other things we discuss on this forum from time to time:

Vertical line is to denote that Zay-ES doesn’t really depend on JME (Paul will correct me, if I’m wrong, but Iooking at its build file). Any upper level has full access to any lower of course, just didn’t want to mess it with arrows back and forth.


That’s true. Zay-ES core is independent.

Zay-ES-Net depends on JME’s SpiderMonkey API.