What license is Lemur under?

I have just downloaded Lemur to build and run the example on the wiki and it seems already to be significantly better than Nifty. Before I go significantly further and start building something significant with it I would like to know what license it is under? There is no license file in the GitHub repository and the README.md and wiki don’t even mention licensing. Is it the same BSD license as JMonkeyEngine? If not, then what is it?

(Tagging @pspeed as he is probably the only one who can answer this definitively and second-hand information regarding legal stuff has a tendency to turn out badly)

All of the code has a license header at the top that is exactly the same as jME’s. I may switch it over to my standard BSD license at some point… but they are effectively the same.

Edit: Oh, and welcome to Lemur. :slight_smile:

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All right, thanks. Also, to avoid future confusion, I’d like to recommend adding a LICENSE file.

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Yeah, all of my other projects have one unless I forget. I will try to fix it before the next release.

I like to include one in the jars and I should associate one with the github repo, too.


I second this. I too went looking for the license for lemur so I can keep my Attributions/Acknowledgements up-to-date. Having a license in the github repo would be good as I was a little confused too. Licensing is scary enough as it is, I don’t want to have to check every source file to make sure the license is included and the same! :open_mouth:

Hey, thanks. I’ve been extra swamped lately so this smaller stuff gets lost.

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