What should be Anisotropy level for Textures?


Just want to ask how to use Anisotropy for Textures/TextureKeys?

By default Anisotropy level = 0. So, what will be preferable value?

I mean:


TextureKey tkDif = new TextureKey(texPath3, false);








I experimented a bot with anisotropy. This is my result:


My resume is anisotropies with values of 2 and 4 are the best. And anisotropy with value of 0 is too blurry.

Core devs, would you like to change Defult Anisotropy value to 2?

I think its probably better to just provide a way to change the default. The only thing I can think of is to set it on the AssetManager …

it would be great, if it’s possible to change anisotropy for all textures with AssetManager! At present, I should generate TextureKeys for every texture in a scene and set Anisotropy by myself.

No you just need o do hat once as afterwards you obviously use j3o files :stuck_out_tongue:

I use generated materials by a name of geometry’s material… it should be used again every time when i load a scene.

Everything depends on a situation which is implemented.

In all cool games you can adjust anisotropy in “Options”/“Settings”. For example, in Left4Dead and HalfLife2 (my favorite games). In L4D, Anisotropy value equals 2 by default.