What to do when there's no soundcard


We're putting our game through its first cycle of life-tests and the first thing we ran into was that it crashed because one of the systems didn't have a sound card in it (go figure). The Exception that this caused is caught within com.jmex.sound.openAL.SoundSystem and I can't see how I can detect whether the exception has occured or not, as it isn't thrown.

How can I see whether the SoundSystem initialisation has worked?



I have a PC without a sound car, and I don't want to write a boolean condition for each sound I play if it's possible…

Is there a way to point to a dummy OpenAL system something like that ?

Thanks !!


maybe this link will help


(I hope so, it took forever to find ;))

ok that's what I've done thanks  :slight_smile:

Here is my fix to the sound-card issue. Hope that works for ya.

Nice ! didn't see it before  :-o