What to do with bones not attached to their parents?

Hey guys,

I was working on improving bone loading recently, because I found some bugs durin my work on IK constraint.
I mostly fixed them but came accross a problem.

In blender, the bone does not need to have the ‘head’ in the same point as its parent’s ‘tail’.
And it seems like many models tend to use that feature.
I tried to import it in the blender importer, but I found out that the child bone had moved the parent bone’s tail along with it.

Is there any way in jme to make the child NOt to be directly connected to its parent ??

If not, then is it possible that jme will add support for such situations ??

And again, if not, then what should I do with it ??
I can detach such bone from its parent, but I am not sure how animation will work in such case (probably not very good).
I can log a warning and not support such case at all.

Please let me know what you think :wink:

I thought the whole concept of separating bones was just for aesthetic only. I.e. it has no actual functionality. You can still see a dotted line connecting the two bones.

Perhaps you can try exporting a test armature with ogre exporter and then compare their result with yours?

OK I can do that.
But it is not aesthetic only. The bone is still connected to its parent, so it inherits its rotation, translation and scale, but its head has a constant offset from the parents tail.

I have a model with such bones and when imported to jme the legs of the person are too close to each other and it can be easily spotted.

OK I think there is no problem now.

I used a model that had a bone with two children with the offset and it looks like it works fine :slight_smile:

I just used single child before and bone debugger simply drew the bone in a way I thought it altered tha tail of the parent.