What to use as a starting point?


We're a 3 man group that has just gotten started with coding in jME. We're gonna make a visualization of indoor scenarios with flooding/water and fire/particles. The user will have a FPS-perspective on things, but it won't be a shooter. My first thought was to start with BaseGame as the starting point (since that's being used in the large and very helpful Flag Rush tutorial), and I've started to make things happen using that class - I've imported a simple collada model, rotated the camera properly, added an FPS-handler etc., but this comment in BaseGame made me think:

No handling of variable frame rates is included and, as a
result, this class is unsuitable for most production applications; it is
useful as a base for applications which require more specialised behaviour
as it includes basic game configuration code.

Do you think the SimplePassGame be more suitable for us to start with? Or could that introduce headaches for us? Maybe I should've figured out this by now, but we're new to game programming all of us, so there are many concepts to learn right now  :|

Thanks in advance

I'm sure it will be fine for your immediate needs, and if for some reason you do run into some sort of limitation using BaseGame, changing to another type is not all that difficult. Most of the differences between types are subtle changes in the update and render loop. I would stick to it.

What kind of game is indoors with fires and flooding but no guns!?  :stuck_out_tongue:

I would suggest for quick prototyping to use SimpleGame and then make the change to some more basic when you need it.

nymon said:

What kind of game is indoors with fires and flooding but no guns!?   :P

It won't exactly be a game, it's supposed to be a visualization of critical infrastructures with a game engine approach (if that makes any sense :-p)

I guess we'll start with the SimplePassGame and see where it takes us. Thanks!