What tools does jME offer?


I've been away for a few months but have some time again to pick up jME. What I was wondering though is, what tools does jME have to offer to ease game development?

I read something about the JGF game framework and the HOTTBJ exporter… but I also remember MonkeyWorld and other tools.

Is there perhaps a list of tools available where I can read up on?

There’s now a project list maintained by MindGamer:


(it may be a bit outdated, though).

I don't have time to link you up right now, but as far as tools to ease game development goes, you should search around the forum for the following:

JME Physics, JBullet, Bullet native

Ogre XML


3D Sound System


Procedural Terrain System

Scene Worker, Scene Monitor

Sandbox Editor

IR Editor (unreleased)

And there's lots more…


Thank you all for the helpfull replies!

You've helped me greatly!