What's a techy/sciency/nerdy movie or TV show you recommend?

I recently watched both seasons of Halt and Catch Fire. I loved it. Probably my favorite “nerds against the world” drama to date.

Another show popped up on my radar recently. I’m gonna drop it in below unless someone beats me to it. But in the meantime: Which TV show or movie in the general genre of “nerdiness” would you recommend?

Silicon Valley on HBO is pretty good. Can’t wait for season 3 next year.

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The IT crowd
4 Seasons - the DVD menu is extremely nerdy (I have all DVDs with English/German audio).
The fifth season is called “the last byte” and is a final episode that you can find on youtube.
These Brits have made some really nice TV-Show there … very funny and a little nerdy too.
Something that you can watch with your girlfriend/boyfriend even if they aren’t techies.
Only drawback: The seasons are very short.


Mr. Robot is pretty good; Breaking Bad meets hackers:

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I think Stargate is the embodiment of the nerds revenge… because most problems are resolved by the scientists in the team.

Dara ó briain’s science club is funny, geeky and an occasion to learn some scientific stuff.

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[quote=“nomnom, post:4, topic:33737”]
Mr. Robot is pretty good
[/quote]Hehe, that was “the other show” on my radar. Have a :cookie:

Watched the first episode yesterday, I like!

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