What's an easy to use web designer?

I want to set up a website but I don’t have the time to hand code. Does anyone know of good options for a point and click type web design ? Something preferably with lots of pre-generated themes.




(Weebly seems ok.)

Personally i enjoy typing in html, but it would take a while to get something nice.

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There are no point-and-click web designers that are really performable.They often generate useless and chaotic code that can compromise load on your site. You can still download themes and code the HTML part on your own,this shouldn’t take so much time.

Weebly has the most easy to use interface of all, very reliable and has a free plan too. Squarespace is also a contender for sleek design but less intuitive and more expensive.

Examples from me:

Also Weebly gives you a free domain for a year if you get their cheapest plan ($5 a month).

Google tells me I should use lava and tnt on @anon54790888. That was the first result :stuck_out_tongue:


wordpress? 0 code…

wix.com or if you want all the control use Bootstrap and HTML etc.

What does your hosting provider give you automatically?

If the answer is “nothing”… I hope you are not paying much for them.

Wordpress was on top of my list. I used it before but I found my self having to go in to manually create CSS sheets for colors and drop down lay outs. I know HTML , CSS , ASP , VB/PYTHON script but I don’t have the time to make a site up from scratch.

I haven’t even chose a host provider yet. I used web.com before they where reliable. I personally avoid the budget sites like godaddy and host gator.

Squarespace seems to be rather nice for generic nonintesive things. Also single click to setup a webstore is nice if you’re planning on merchandise.

Never really considered godaddy a “budge site”. Their rates seem about comparable but they provide a LOT of stuff. The only reason I thought not to choose godaddy was for political reasons (some good ones, too).

My experience with them has been very positive other than my politics differences. Really good customer service from my perspective and so many things are just one-button-installs, the dashboard is great, etc… I run several sites through them from their low-priced Linux hosting to some of their more feature rich hosting options.

They call me once every few months to see if everything is ok… which was annoying the first few times until they saved me a bunch of money by pointing out services that I was paying for but wasn’t using.

Anyway, if you end up paying more than $5 a month and don’t have any built in web page options then you are probably paying too much. (And note: that would be a ‘budget’ price.)

I’ve had some problems with godaddy in the past. This was years ago. People using comcast in the south east parts of USA couldn’t connect and they had some issues with verizon. I never got into their politics I was there for the cheap hosting :smile:

That looks worth checking into. I see they even have a free one so you can try it out.

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out of date site, but wordpress.

Thanks for all the responses. It looks like weebly is probably going to be the pick. They have a free test platform and it’s basically point and click set up. The price is right to. 25$ a month is fairly cheap.