What's everyone doing?

If one where to believe the poll on the main page, there’s 105 hobby games and 23 commercial games in development.

This makes me very curious of what kind of games you guys are doing? Me myself am developing two games: Marble Fun (which you can find in the Users Showcase) and Aviation, a vessel deathmatch kind of game.

Encrence all the way!

Im also developing a school project thingy as well in jME.

So 2 in total.


You Robot!, a revamped version of old arcade classics Paradroid and Quazatron. May take another 500 years to be completed. This one will be purely for fun, freeware.

I’ve got two project using jME :

  • A global jME demo that present all the most advanced features of the library. At the moment I’ve got some code ready and I’m looking at a good way to handle all features… I think I’m gonna make a level you can visit to see jME in action.

  • A strange and dark FPA (adventure FPS). It’s only a concept for the moment and I’ve made a little design document, but if it’s good enough I’ll make it ! One sure thing : it will make extensive use of high-end video cards (shaders etc…). But it will be a long task (probably some years of developement for a single person), so maybe I’ll make a preview game to recrut some other people (mainly graphists).

    Chman :slight_smile:

As most know, Graum and I have the third-person perspective game “Dirt” in the works. We’d taken a break from it recently to get ourselves financially stable again in our day jobs but will hopefully get back at it after holidays.

Also, Mojo and I are looking at joining forces and providing a game of some sort. Details to emerge later if that ends up moving forward. :slight_smile:

I’m working on a Hobby Game called Magikopera which will be a space trading and combat game.

I’m alone so it’s not fast, but step by step it’s in progress… :slight_smile:


I’m going to write a visualization tool for atom surfaces.

Me and Treefinger are developing an open source RPG. The RPG is still 2D but we work on porting it to 3D. So there’s nothing to show yet. As soon as we have anything to show we will do so. If any of your projects has at least some interesting screenshots to show it would be nice to see them in the ‘User Showcase’ forum(if it isn’t already in there). It could motivate other people to use jME and help you improve your software.

I’m working on a MMORPG - given it’s just me and the expertise required to get a fully working MMORPG up and running its likely to stay just a hobby game until I die :slight_smile:

I’m using jME to create a virtual house and eventually a virtual life.

I’m serious for those who think this is too sad to be true. XD

Ah, the old dyi ethic!

Better than spending loads of bananas: BBC NEWS | Technology | Gamer buys $26,500 virtual land :?

I may be doing the artwork for a shareware game in some months, to try to be sold in Windows platform.

An small project, but we two will try to make it of good quality, yet for low pcs, while surely adding advanced features to be able to be triggered on by users (dunno if possible to be done automatically) , if their hardware allows.

Main isue is we find time and energy with our jobs (he has one quite stressing, and I myself gonna probably get into another 3d cg job soon…)

…and our main, main problem…Windows users , when ready to buy, expect the game be a setup.exe…While we will probably buy Jet Excelsior, is quite a huge money for us… (and he insists in paying it alone…)

If anyone knows or discover at some moment an alternative way of outputing an exe or make an exe install not too big and allowed (I think Sun does not allow to include the JRE in the installs) , hey, tell in offtopic forum, please…

We did chose this engine as…he was all about Java , and did not want to leave the language (he’s really good at it) , and I saw this one and found it to be quite powerful and featured. :slight_smile: Then he saw the “internals” and liked it a lot.

"snaga" wrote:
If anyone knows or discover at some moment an alternative way of outputing an exe or make an exe install not too big and allowed (I think Sun does not allow to include the JRE in the installs) , hey, tell in offtopic forum, please...

Here is a quote from the original licence agreement from Sun:

You can freely redistribute the J2SE Runtime Environment with your application, according to the terms of the Runtime Environment's license. Once you have developed your application using the JDK, you can ship it with the Runtime Environment so your end-users will have a Java platform on which to run your software.

Sounds to me like you can include a JRE with your software.

I’m working on a commercial casual game that is a card game / word game mix. Basically I’m competing with the PopCap/MSN/Yahoo crowd and I’m hoping that “ThreeDee” will help my game stand out long enough to get past the “oh look, it’s ANOTHER card game” phase. Just me and a fellow programmer with me doing the artwork.

Budget: $0 (so I don’t know if it really qualifies as commercial although we are definately going to try and sell the thing).

don’t know then what problem he was refering to…

hmmm…so, jre can be included in an install…in an exe together with game code…and be sold the game?

"snaga" wrote:
hmmm...so, jre can be included in an install..in an exe together with game code....and be sold the game?

AFAIK, there have already been games doing so.

IL-2 Sturmovik eg. came bundled with a JRE. Whether they had a special contract with Sun, I don't know. But I interpret the license this way.

A mail to somebody at Sun may clarify this.

Thank you, Batman.ac.