What's the best ways (and/or tutorials) to create a grid map and fog of war

I am creating a turn based strategy game. Ala Alpha Centarui or civilization.
I need to display maps that

  1. Have and display a grid. (and be able to color the border sections of that grid)
  2. Fog of war.
  3. Display various sprites on each grid section (Dirt, rocks, roads, grass, snow, magtube, etc, etc)

For point 3: I’ve looked at the beginning terrain tutorial and it is limited to only 3 textures for splatting. Is there a built in method for creating complicated maps? Or am I just gonna have to create something custom?

If custom. Do I just modify and apply a large image of what I want to a custom mesh… or is there a better way?

No, you can add more textures than 3. Lastly, I added three or four diffuse maps to the terrain and still have like 6 remaining.

As far as I know there is no built-in way to create such a grid, so you might have to create those yourself. (But if there is one, I also would appreciate it if someone could comment on that.)

There is a FogFilter implemented in JME. Does it provide everything you need?

If I’m looking at the code for fog filter right… It just adds fog at a fixed distance away.
What I’m wanting is to indicate various squares in the game are not visible to your units. So grey out, or fog squares a, b, c, etc. that aren’t visible to your team.
I might be able to modify that code.

  1. Ah… The basic terrain tutorial shows the function that can only support 3 textures… you have to go to the advanced terrain in order to find the more flexible, much better method.
    Jmonkey Help Page for the better terrain system
    Link to sample code

Holly mackarolly! Is there a lot of dead links in the documentation. Sent a patch to fix a few of them. (Yay! my first contribution)