What's the state of Inverse Kinematics? Is there a working solution available?


I was wondering if there is some solution available for putting simple Inverse Kinematics (2-3 bones per chain) onto a skinned model. Like for making a character reach his arms out to a certain spot or putting his feet on the ground.

I searched around a bit and found out about KinematicRagdollControl which has an IK mode. But I couldn’t get that to work, is there some working example?
Also it seems to be a little overkill to me to have a whole BulletAppState running when there isn’t really that much rigid body stuff involved (except the joints).

I also found this old topic here: Inverse Kinematics control + skeleton debugger improvements - #17 by staugaard
But that didn’t work either, I setup everything as described but it didn’t have any effect on the model. The IDE is complaining about several deprecated functions of the skeleton in there.

I once even had a custom physics implementation based on Verlet integration (inspired by that popular article by one of the original Hitman devs), but I don’t know how to apply world space positions and rotations to the bones of a skinned model…

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated!

P.S.: I’m still on JME 3.1 alpha 1.


I am bumping because i have the same question.

bump because I’ve also the same question. @nehon: It’s a really important feature!

I started another thread about me adding it. However i am currently working on a different project. I will post to that thread now as i sort of forgot to give an update.

[edit]link to the other thread: FABRIK IK in jME progress thread