What's wrong with that model?

Can any one tell me what’s wrong with that .blend model?
I tried all formats but importing that still fail. I removed all Modifiers so I don’t know why JME can’t read that?

I downloaded your cathedral, I could not find anything just looking at it, but I did notice you are using very big textures.
I had problem once with an big texture, only when I reduce the size it works.
Try to remove the textures and import, maybe its fix your problem.
Nice cathedral by the way, did you made it yourself ?

I have never really imported a blender file directly, but having looked, I am wondering did you triangulate it before you tried to import? Non convex faces can cause problems, so worth a try.

your blender model has no problem
just, jme doesn’t support some blender features, including modifiers
so be sure to delete all or apply all the modifiers before exporting to jme

I think he removed/applied modifiers