When creating a cylinder there is a hole inside


I’m new with jmonkey.

I tried creating a cylinder shape (using the shape.Cylinder) and i need to fill 4 fields. the first two i don’t really understand what to put there, in the last two i enter the radius and height of the cylinder.

no matter what i do I keep getting a hole in the middle of the cylinder.

what can I do, and why do I need to define how many triangles are needed for the shape


There are multiple constructors you can use: http://javadoc.jmonkeyengine.org/com/jme3/scene/shape/Cylinder.html

One has a closed boolean that will close the cylinder and the javadoc explains what parameter does what.

In short, computers dont know round, they only know many straight faces to simulate a round object.
→ The first two determine how many cuts are made, eg 4 would be pretty cubic while 1million would be very round, but waste lots of polygons.