When is new .org going online

when is that new site going online?

the .org one looks great…

… told you I didn’t want to disrupt the current thread any further :stuck_out_tongue:

To answer your question, pretty much the only thing that stands in our way right now is a couple of shortcomings in the Doku2Buddy script we’ll be using to convert the existing DokuWiki to our (WordPress+) BuddyPress based wiki, bp-wiki.

I think the biggest outstanding issue is how to preserve the formatting of <code>…</code> blocks, as they come out all crunched right now. See an example of a test install here:


Yep, and the converter hasn't died just because there haven't been commits.  I'm gonna have all weekend to work on it :slight_smile:

I’ve split further conversation about the Doku2Buddy converter into a new thread here

erlend_sh said:

... told you I didn't want to disrupt the current thread any further :P