Where are all visual elements stored in-memory?

I’m looking at the Javadocs for something like a SceneGraph object, but don’t see one. Where does jME3 store the scene graph (or, rather, what jME3 types store all the visual elements of the current scene)?

.j3o I believe. A j3o file is jMonkey’s binary format for storing 3d models (buildings,players,npcs etc.). A j3o could be a whole level or just a cube if that answers your question.


Thanks @JacobAmaral - however I’m not looking for the model assets (.j3o, etc.) themselves, I’m looking for the Java class(es) that hold the scene in memory. For instance, if a player changes his position, this change has to be registered with some superparent object. I believe this object is called the SceneGraph, but I don’t see any mention of it in the Javadocs. Thoughts?

Please look at the documentation, its linked under “Docs” to the left.

The scene graph is a tree of "spatial"s. Here’s the JavaDoc:


The key subclasses are com.jme3.scene.Node (which holds child spatials) and com.jme3.scene.Geometry (which holds a mesh and a material).

The root of the default scene graph is referenced by the rootNode field in com.jme3.app.SimpleApplication