Where are the assets?

I have downloaded the jMonkeyPlatrom 3.All the tutorials goes fine except those, that require some external assets.Like materials(*.j3md)

Some tutorials says, the these assets are in the jme folder,But jMonkeyPlatform installation has no jME folder.

Where can I find those assets?


You can add the jME example assets to your project by opening the projects properties (right click project) and adding the jmetestdata library in the library panel (button add library).



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The tutorials are working now.

But, how I am gonna see those assets? They are no listed in the “Project Asset” tree view.

Or, is there any way to manually access them?

my bad.They are in the library.

But, why I am still using the asset manager to access them?

And how do I bring them out to use separately for my project.

They are in the classpath when adding the jar to the library, no need to have them in the assets folder. You access them and copy stuff from it by unfolding the “project libraries” node in your project after adding the lib. Just use copy&paste.