Where Are You From

Anyone else from greece or EU in general?

i'm from romania and i currently study in germany.

I'm from Greece. Is that the case with you too kman?

yes, i live in patra

The Netherlands

United States here…apparently I minority around here. :-p

Oklahoma to be exact…


I'm from Germany.

i just wonder what people from south america or canada should vote in this poll.  :expressionless:

Sfera you're right. My fault. But i cannot edit the poll.

from mars but i live, study in germany and waits for my mothership to bring me back  :smiley:

@kman: Cool!!! It's nice to know that there are more Greeks interested in Java Game development or Game development for that matter. If I may ask, are you doing this as a hobby or are you planning for commercial development?

I have born, studied&graduated in Finland, now working as a SW-engineer with Java business apps in Budapest, Hungary. :smiley:

@prowler7, I just finished my army duty and start working as a freelancer programmer.

Game development started as a hobby, but now i'm really thinking and planning to develop a commercial RPG game. Are you interested?

I'm from Hungary.

@kman: I'm more than interested, although I think we shoud move this discussion from the forum or to another thread since I don't think it is of any particular interest to other members.

born in Taiwan where i spent half of my life, and the other half at New Zealand where i am now (yes these two places are completely different in almost every single aspect of life)

Oregon USA :slight_smile:

Originally from Boston USA, nowadays living in Germany.

Arizona, USA

Stockholm, Sweden