Where can find spring mesh lib?

where can find spring mesh lib?

What’s spring mesh lib ?

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like box .Sphere Torus …

I don’t understand the question. How did you find JME at all if you did not find these?!?


Seems the op wants a mesh that is Spring or spiral shaped, check CustomMeshes because there’s no stock spiral meshes or geometries :

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yes ! i need this mesh! i need jar lib

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You will need to create it using custom meshes tutorial…

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Or pop open a 3D editor like Blender, create one, export it.

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Hi, i thought this would be an interesting use case for my project, the jBMesh mesh processing library.
I started implementing the functionality to extrude faces along a path.
In this case the path would be a helix. I’ve made an example here:
jBMesh/ExtrudeHelix.java at master · FennelFetish/jBMesh · GitHub.

The ExtrudePath operator can use any shape as a base. A cross-shape is used in the second image.
The example uses the NormalGenerator to make smooth or flat shading where appropriate.
The BMesh to JME-Mesh Exporter then duplicates vertices where needed.

It’s not completely finished and needs some code to make the Mesh, and there are no premade JARs at the moment. But if you want to use it, you could download and build the project with Gradle: