Where can I download the asset packs from AssetPackBrowser?

Hi guys!

The AssetPackBrowser is not working, and I read the forums. They are offline, and some guys are trying to resolve that. OK. Now, I’m following the jme tutorial book, and I really want those assetpacks. Is there a way to download these packs and install them manually? And if yes, how do I do that?


Thats my dropbox link to Norman’s World Forge asset pack.

Unfortunately there are not very many asset packs and that is the only one that is really useful.

Put that in your asset pack folder in your jme directory, then the assets should appear in your assetpack browser.

There are also many assets in that pack that are not added to the browser and you’ll have to check out how to add them to the xml.

I believe that copy already has a few of these assets.

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Thank you so much! This assetpack is already going to help!

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